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  • TimeMate Time and Attendance provides a daily understanding of time records as reports or for processing by Payroll.

  • TimeMate cuts down on administrative time, safeguards from time mismanagement errors.

  • Advance Employee time & attendance systems built on latest technologies that can provide various analytical reports.

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TimeMate Attendance Tracking provides you with a practical solution to reduce the processing of employee time sheets and decrease human errors associated with a manual time keeping process.

  • Comprehensive Time Managment

    Features to coordinate all aspects of employee time management including In-Punch, Out-Punch, Late Comings, Early Goings, leave Management, Overtime, Holidays, Roistering and more.

  • Easy to Customize / Connect Multiple Locations

    Can work on a single independent PC at your store or can be used on your corporate local LAN/WAN. It can also be configured to manage time office data recorded from various location to be synched to a central Server at HO or vice a versa via Internet.

Online Web based Time and Attendance

Web Time & Attendance with Self Service enables access via Intranet or Internet using web browser. It has been designed to provide facilities for user on the move. It can be implemented at huge or wide network based business.

  • Time management policies

    Time management policies can be user configured to suit individual organizational needs. Policies can be defined on overtime, late comings, early goings and other restrictions based on department, designation or at individual level.

  • Policies for Fixed, Flexi and Contract Time

    Manage Time & Attendance best suited to your organization's time policy need like fixed, flexible or contractual.


TimeMate Features

Comprehensive Workforce Management Solution for your Business.

Biometric Integeration

Integrated seamlessly with various leading biometric devices and swipe cards readers for stronger identification.

Payroll Integeration

Generate Attendance and Prepare employee muster and circulate to payroll manager for accurate payroll processing.

Web Time & Attendance

TimeMate allows employees to submit their time sheets online to for approval before they are send for payroll processing.

Project Time Sheet

Manage and record project based time and cost deatils with comprehensive project allocations, approvals & regularization.

Define Time Policies

Define Policies for late comings, early goings, break cushions and more like fixed time, flexible and contract time.

Manage Shifts & Roster

Define duty Roster and schedule employees to various or specific shifts with comprehensive and easy managability.

Workforce Management

Intelliob TimeMate: A comprehensive tool to efficently Manage organizational Workforce.

The Solution

On Premises & On Cloud
  • Intelliob TimeMate cuts down on administrative time, safeguards from time mismanagement errors and provides savings in terms of erroneous payroll efforts, money and man-hours that could have been lost due to mishandled time card deatils and employees punching in for each other.

The Technology

Built on Latest Technology
  • TimeMate has been developed from the ground up using advanced, proven tools, following stringent quality control measures. Based on Microsoft’s Windows.NET platform, TimeMate is a robust, 3 tier system with friendly interface that cloaks its blazing performance.

The Savings

Increased Productivity
  • TimeMate helps save considerable operating costs by streamlining time management methodology and providing with comprehensive tool to help further rationalize your systems. This system has been designed with a view of integrating all workforce related time & attendance functions

Time & Attendance Screenshots

TimeMate Time & Attendance System Screen shots for immediate reference.

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Connect and Capture Multilocation Time & Attendance details with ease.

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