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Case Study Time and Attendance at Retail Chain


Major Brands India Pvt Ltd is one of the leading franchisees for various international brands.


After having seen success of the brands in the Western market, Major Brands has stores in Delhi, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata and other regions in India.

From 1 brand 1 store, Major Brands is now 9 brands and 48 stores across India. Major Brands will soon reach a total of 100 stores across brands by March end 2011

Business situation. (Employees and HR)

The company employs over 500+ dedicated Human Resource for its corporate office and retail showrooms in India alone. Major Brandís team consists of highly qualified professionals, who have acquired their skills by hands-on experience in popular brand retailing and product knowledge.

With a view to providing complete customer delight spanning the lifestyle and fashion spectrum, Major Brands plans to have business interests with top fashion brands.

To achieve the targeted objective Major Brandís felt the need to organize and centralize the Work Force Management with Time & Attendance and Payroll functions with immediate effect. Managing HR & Payroll data in Excel Worksheets and outdated legacy softwareís developed by independent freelance developers was becoming a big pain area for the HR & Payroll management Team.

The Solution

Intelliob TimeMate (Time & Attendance Solution) is a comprehensive Solution that is integrated with biometric technology from Digital Persona USA and also with Intelliobís proprietary Payroll System (PayCare).  TimeMate system provides you with a practical solution to reduce the processing of employee time sheets and decreases human errors associated with a manual time keeping process. This not only improves personnel efficiency but also results in savings of both time and money. TimeMate tracks staff Time and Attendance that provides a daily understanding of time records as reports or for processing by Payroll Processing Software.

Intelliob PayCare is a all-inclusive HR & Payroll solution. This system has been designed with a view of integrating all HR related functions right from creating positions to employee pensions. This tight integration means that one need not worry about compatibility or data porting issues. With user defined templates for defining Salary Structure that can be assigned by employment type, designation or by category, one can pre configure Earnings & Deduction, Reimbursements, leaves and other salary components well in advance as per their organizational policies. The same can be assigned immediately on new joiners to get started.

For the attendance capturing at their retail outlets Intelliob offered Digital Persona USB based biometric devices with Intelliob TimeMate solution for Time & Attendance. The time logs and the biometric fingerprint data from individual outlets was automatically uploaded to the centralized data server online without any manual intervention thus managing complete automation at all stores.

Intelliob TimeMate and PayCare has been developed using the latest yet proven Microsoft tools like Visual Studio .NET that ensures performance and ease of use. It is a 3-tier architecture system that gives PayCare high scalability, enterprise integration capabilities and web interoperability.

Products and services

Intelliob TimeMate and PayCare Payroll with Online Employee Self Service Portal.

Windows XP as client operating system used for the solution.

Digital Persona USB based Biometric finger print devices used for capturing Time & Attendance data.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 as the database server.
The Challenge
Major Brands has its retail outlets spread across various metropolitan cities and states across India. Currently with around 48 outlets, managing accurate time and attendance was essential towards minimizing lost time, money and delivering superior customer service at each of the store.

The key challenges in this project were not in the implementation. Rather, the difficulties were faced during the data migration. Migrating unorganized data to an organized format was a challenging task.

The other major challenges were with biometric finger print attendance capturing from their various retail outlets and uploading of the biometric fingerprint and the time office data to the central database which then also made available to the various stores. The time office data is further used for payroll processes where the payroll officer gets ready attendance data.
Technical situation
Major Brandís current environment runs on latest branded computer system with Microsoft Dynamics ERP and LS Retail POS running on it that is capable of handling large customer base. What was missing and not organized in their system was an efficient workforce management solution. During the evaluation of its requirement and needs, the challenge was in automating the Time Office in distributed environment that can be centrally managed. The same is also required to be integrated with HR/Payroll solution along with Online Employee Self Service portal all integrated in unified system.

Major Brands wanted a solution thatís built on latest technology with a biometric time & attendance integrated system for accuracy that can cater to their ever expanding work force management needs.

Additionally Major Brands would like to allow employees to handle their Self Service online to eliminate uncalled for telephone, paper or in person HR helpdesk request.
The Benefits
With the TimeMate system successfully deployed, and rolled out to all retail centers across India, Major Brands was able to align its workforce with the increasing number of customers based upon peek days and regular days thus enabling optimum use of resources.

The vital precise time & attendance data that was recorded from TimeMate gave a complete insight of the time related behavior of the workforce.

Major Brands now saves a significant amount of money and valuable labor hours with the improved accuracy of their time and attendance recording system also managing the human resources more efficiently than ever.

The solution delivers the ability to focus on company strategies, external market conditions as well as internal objectives.

The payroll manager has one click access to data in real-time that help him in addressing queries related to payroll and time sheet.

With the implementation of Biometric Time & Attendance, the issue of employee punctuality at all their outlets has reduced drastically resulting in about 50% increase in productivity and 30% increase in sales.

The overall cost effectiveness and quick time to implement along with the short learning curve and easy transition for information have fully justified the project.

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